Five mornings til lift off

As I was walking down the driveway early this morning, I heard old Mr Mockingbird sitting  up there on  the light pole just singing his heart out.  I stood there and soaked in his whole litany of songs, then stored it in my memory for later retrieval.  As my time gets closer to leave for an extended trip, I try real hard to remember every detail of my at home life.  I love  to feel my wife next to me in the morning, so warm and soft — her hair smells so good.  The mundane trips to the bank or Publix, these are such ordinary things in an ordinary world .  But when you’re thousands of miles from home, everything is so different.  You might be cold or wet or very tired. You start to loose perspective.  You begin to wonder, what in the world you are doing here.  That’s when you retrieve these memories and everything becomes OK again.  It’s like soul food for the psyche.  Had a productive day yesterday.  Installed the car tire on the rear of the bike, boy that was a bear trying to get that square tire into the round hole of the fender.  A little bit of soap helped to ease it in.  Knowing how the mosquitoes are in the Far North country I did a little experiment and sprayed several different clothing outfits and my camper door opening with Permethrin.  This is an insect repellent that is supposed to do it’s job for about two months.  Yes, it’s true the mosquitoes in Alaska are huge and there are a lot of them, so anything you can do to keep them at bay is worth trying.  I’ve also packed a can of bear attack deterrent,  you notice the terminology here.   You can’t get across the border with bear spray, bear attack deterrent  is OK.  By the way do you know what grizzly bears call bikers?    “Meals on Wheels”.  More later.



One thought on “Five mornings til lift off

  1. Tom, why the car tire on the rear of the GW? How’s it going with the car tire? Was the decision for the car tire due to pulling a trailer? I know that Stu Otterman (spelling may be wrong, from Wing World, doesn’t advocate putting car tires on motorcycles. Just wondering what your rationale was and is. Be Safe, have fun, and I’ll see you in Florida soon.

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