Day 5: 16 June 2012

Day 5:  64 degrees and partly cloudy.  Left Pampa at 7:30 AM CDT and arrived at Albuquerque, NM at 4:40 PM MDT, rode 416 miles

Got up and off fairly early this AM as I had several stops and many miles to go.  Rode through this rural area where it seems everyone has an oil well either in the pasture land or even in their back yard.  Got to the Alibates Flint Quarry about 8:40, before the rangers came in and spend the peaceful time listening to the silence and enjoying the interpretative garden at the Visitor Center, 

This site was named after a local guide, Allie Bates, who led a surveying party to the area. Those who study this believe locals have been quarrying this special hard flint for the past 12,000 years.  Continued on down to Amarillo and picked up the super slab, I-40, again to Arizona  A lot of wind, no rain, but as you can see from this shot the storm clouds where looming on the horizon.

Made it to Albuquerque and to the Petroglyph National Monument for my stamp and because of coming into Mountain Time got here early.  Picked up a few supplies, a “dead chicken” as my buddy, Stuart, would call it and had that for supper.  They have wifi here so will be able to catch up on some blogs.

14 thoughts on “Day 5: 16 June 2012

  1. Enjouing reading your blog, almost feels like we are with you. You make a great tour guide and the blog with pictures is grand. Fun, Safety and “Wings” to you.

  2. The land is really flat. You haven’t mentioned it but I wonder if you are having a strong head wind that seems normal to the plains topology. You are making great progress, a lot of miles each day. You may make it to California by Sunday as you expected. I’m not sure I could have stayed with you even if my knee was well. Really enjoying the blog and photos. I know it, the blog, takes a lot of time but it is really neat and interesting to follow your adventure.

  3. Received some sad news today from my brother regarding my
    cousin Tom. He was found along side the road in Arizona apparently unconscious. He was taken to a local hospital and put in an induced coma. That is all the news we have at this time. Looking for anyone with more info to reply back to me. Please keep Tom in your prayers and hopefully he will pull
    through this ordeal. We all know that he is tough as nails and his strength and
    faith will pull him through. If I find out more from his brother , Bob or my cousin
    Adele down in Fla. , I will post asap.

  4. Tom we wish you a speedy recovery, ours prayers are with you,’ get well soon’. Sandy said your getting the of best care in the hospital in the Flagstaff Meical Center in Arizona.

  5. Been following you, we met at the city lake, here in pampa, and have been looking forward to ur posts, but have not seen one since albequrque…..what’s happening in ur life……

  6. Great web site, seems to be much easier than your older one. I wish I could have gone with you but I might have been in Oklahoma City the same day that you went through. I was on my way to Omaha for the College World Series and we could have passed each other. I was there around 4 in the afternoon. God Bless you and Keep you,

  7. Tom and Sandy,
    My prayers continue for your recovery. If more info is available, please pass it on so I can be more specific in my requests to the Lord on your behalf. The Lord is sovereign and in control and has a plan even for this situation. If there is any thing that I can do, please do not hesitate to utilize me. If Tom needs his bike/trailer picked up and/or stored, I can probably accomplish that. Whatever. May God bless and keep you and cause you to rise up and bless Him. A merry heart doeth good like a medicine.

    • Hey Buddy,
      You’re prayers must be working. Every day I get better, although I’m still pretty weak and don’t get out as much. I’m getting therapy down at the gym and most of the scraps, except for the left arm, and all have pretty well gone now. Appreciate the offer to bring the bike back but it’s a total and the trailer is on it’s way back. it’s somewhere in Minnesota now. Don’t ask me how it got up there on a route from Arizona to Florida, but that’s the route it’s taking. Doctors have suggested I stay off motorcycles for about six months, so I’m looking at boats again. I was living on my boat when I first met Sandy and have had boats all of my life until the past few years. Still have a canoe and inflatable pontoon boat but need something with power to go fishing and all. Hey, why don’t you all come down her for a visit and we’ll go fishing. Appreciate your concern.

      Tom and Sandy

      • I’m still praying but it sounds like you’re on the road to recovery. Was it a stroke or do you know? What ever happened, happened while you were in motion on your bike? God must have had his angels busy protecting you as it sounds like it could have been much worse. Being a retired cop, I like details. Do you know how long it was before help came to you? Thanks for the offer for the fishing. I just might take you up on that. I’m still trying to get Janice back on the bike with me. We’re flying to Pittsburgh in the morning to watch the Steelers play. Then onto Amish country. Then on to Williamsport for the Little League World Series, then back to Pittsburgh for the Pirates games on Fri and Sat night. Back home on Sunday. I’ll have to convince Janice to ride with me to Florida so she can meet you and Sandy. I have an aunt in North Miami that is near 90 so maybe I can use that to convince her.

        God Bless you and keep you,

  8. Tom, I just happened to check out your site today and found out you werent well , if there is anything I can do you have my number , I am just a call away. Hope you a quick recovery .. Wayne

  9. Tom and Sandy, I hope and trust everything is going well with you all. I’m planning a trip to Tombstone Arizona sometime when it cools off a little bit more this fall. Tracking the weather, I might be able to go around the end of Sept or the middle of Oct. I still ocassionally “assault the Throne of Grace” on your behalf. Please keep me posted as you have time so my prayers may be more specific, although God Almighty knows what you have need of. God Bless you and keep you. May He cause His Countenance to shine upon you.

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