Day 3: 14 June 2012

Day 3: clear weather and 70 de grees.   Left Decatur, AL at 7:30 AM and arrived at Aux Arc Corp of Engineers CG in Ozark, AR at 6:30 PM, rode 496 miles

Boy, you couldn’t ask for a prettier morning to start out on a motorcycle ride.  Just enough cool to be comfortable  and not a cloud in the sky.  It was kinda sad to ride off without George, I believe he was really looking forward to the ride. You can just barely see George in the lower right corner of this photo waving goodby. Good friends are hard to leave behind.  Anyway had good going through the back roads of Alabama and Mississippi to the Natchez Trace Visitor Center in Tupelo.

The ride down the Trace is so peaceful and quiet, I knew I would soon be back in the hustle and bustle of I-40 and I wasn’t really looking forward to that after being here.  And sure enough after getting onto I-40 did run into a lot of road construction.  Wound up twice actually stopping all of the traffic where we were able to get off the bike and talk to other travelers  Finally made it through Little Rock and onto Ozark, I was hoping to make it that far today as it would be another long day tomorrow.  Pulled into the campground and lucky that the host was still around.  He suggested I take a site right next to a Harley guy, guess he wanted to keep all of the biker riffraff together.  It turned out to be a nice site under huge trees with a nice view of the Arkansas River and the Harley dude, Rick. turned out to be a nice guy also.  He gave me some plums that came off his home tree and since it was quite a walk down to the shower gave me the keys to his truck (he had a toy hauler for his bike) to save a walk.  When I got back from the shower the ranger stopped by, as well as several other campers and we all had a nice chat.  Now, would that have happened at the Marriott?  No way, that’s why camping is my way to go.  I walked down later that evening to  get a photo of this bridge all lit up.  This is a good campground and typical of COE parks, only cost $9.00 for the night.



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