Day 2: 13 June 2012

Day 2:  cloudy and 72 degrees.  Left Cartersville, GA at 8:00 AM EDT, arrived at the Greer Bed and Breakfast in Decatur, AL at 3:30 PM CDT, rode 294 miles

After a real good first night out, got up to meet the ranger as she was opening up to pay my fare.  That nice ranger lady gave me a discount, first time that has ever happened at a Georgia State Park.  Found out the park got its’ name for all of the red iron ore in the area when it was mined, however that era ended in the mid 1800’s.  Rode on up to the Chickamauga NMP in Fort Oglethorpe, GA and got my stamp.  This was one of the more important battles of the civil war, I just did not have enough time to take it all in, didn’t even get any pictures.  From there hit Russell Cave in north Alabama.  There’s not too much to see here but it is interesting in that people have been using this cave for over 9,000 years. It was used more as a home in the Mississippian Era when the local culture was more hunters and gatherers.  As people settled into more permanent homes it was just used sporadically as a shelter for hunting parties.  Here are a few shots from outside and inside, I couldn’t figure out what caused the pock marks in the floor until I saw the water dripping from the over head.  The grounds were so nice here and I had found a shady area, so took this opportunity to make an egg salad sandwich.  Sandy made me enough good egg salad to last one more lunch.   From Russell Cave I made my way through the back roads to Little River Falls National Park.  The main feature of the park is the 11 mile drive down the west rim following the Little River,  it starts at Little River Falls of which I took several pictures and continues on forming this canyon.  You don’t really think of natural canyons in Alabama but here it is.  From here went over to Decatur to stay the night at my friends’ , George and Margaret Greer, who along with the nights stay, feted me to a great steak dinner.  Margaret also tried out her Italian Margarita (I never did get that recipe) on me and they were so good.  Most of the time she fixes me a chocolate martini which are hard to beat. You know George was supposed to go with me on this trip to Alaska and had been having trouble with his knee for some time.  He finally went to the doctor and they scoped (sp) it supposedly to make it all better, but it’s still too swollen to put any pressure on  it so he’ll just have to see the trip in it the blog.  George did take his Ultra Classic to Alaska in ’09 and that’s where I met him.  He managed then to push that hog up the Haul Road to the Arctic Circle so he ain’t no pansy.  I’m going to miss his company.








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  1. I’ll email the recipe for the Italian Margaretta or maybe you can just come by on the way back if you decide to make the northeast trip later.

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