Alaska 2012 Getting ready to go

Today is June 5 and this time next week I’ll have my first night out on the road.  Getting ready to go to Alaska this year is far different from the 2009 trip.  I had my riding buddy Nolan to go with then and we did all of the planning together.  This year I’ll be solo.  At least until Nolan and I meet up some where in the Yukon Territory or perhaps Alaska.  This trip I have none of the concerns about my gear, as to how it will function or do I have enough.  I’ve gone enough miles now to know what I need or to know that if I don’t have something it’s no big deal.  I’ll either get another one or learn to do without.  Newer bike this time, moved up to a 2007 GW, this 1800 has a bit more muscle and is more nimble than my 1500.  Same old camper and rider and both are getting older and a bit more worn and we look it.  After that little mishap on the mountain in British Columbia in ’09 I had to put a good bit of reinforcing aluminum to keep the trailer body together.  Also the tent is full of patches, but it still doesn’t leak a drop.  This blog is an improvement over my last blog as far as the ease of use and style goes and that’s a blessing.  I would spend hours on just the mechanics of getting it all put together and this doesn’t count the hours I spent agonizing over what to say.  More later.






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    • Thanks for the comment, I leave Tuesday AM. There will be some beautiful images as I travel through this wonderful country of ours.

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