Day 6: 31 May 2009

Day 6:  Left Superior, WE at 7:30 AM CDT, arrived at Motel 8 in Kenora, Ontarion at 6:00 PM CDT rode 318 miles.

Thirty nine degrees.  A gray angry looking sky.  Rain coming down cold and hard.  That picture makes you want to be in a warm comfortable place cuddled up with your honey.  Right !!!  Yeah, any sane guy would be there.  Instead we were out on Hwy 71 headed to Internatinal Fall, MN.  We had car after car after truck coming at us heading south.  I looked ahead and behind me and the only vehicles that were northbound were Nolan and me, makes you think someone is trying to tell us something.  Believe me this is not a fun experience.  This morning when we got up Nolan exclaimed that he had frost on his bike cover, we knew we were in for a cold one then.  Wasn’t too bad right at first and we were making decent time when it really turned colder and started to sprinkle.  We pulled in at this rest area and changed into our cold country gear, up to this point we were just in our wet weather gear.  Nice little rest area and read this interesting info sign that stated a rain drop falling here would be confused as to where to go downhill.  It could either run north to the Hudson Bay, east to the Atlantic or south and bask in the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.  From these photos it doesn’t look too bad, but the rain is constant and really getting cold.  We have stopped at several Walmarts and other places on the way looking for some decent cold weather gloves for Nolan, but never could find what he wanted.  Stopped again here in International Falls at a sports store and still didn’t come up with anything, but we did run into two couples from Lakeland, FL on their Wings heading south. They told us they had encountered several bears and a moose on their way down from Thunder Bay.  Had no trouble at the border crossing, went to another Walmart on the Canadian side, still no gloves.  We were cold and wet so stopped at a Tim Hortons for a bowl of chili.  Talked to an older guy while in there and he said he had lived there all his life and never seen so much rain and cold as they have now.  Guess we’re just lucky to be experiencing this along with him.  Headed up to Kenora and were planning to stay at a provincial park just into Manitoba province but it started turning much colder and we couldn’t  find a park at this time of day so gave in and checked into a Motel 8.  Nice room and very dry and warm.  Hope for better weather tomorrow, although all the locals say it won’t be.


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