A few days ago we were visiting with some friends and they had some other folks there also.  As usual, the conversation turned around to my upcoming trip.  One of the younger ladies (most ladies seem so young anymore) pointed out that it was really great that people as old as I was would still consider going off on a trip of the magnitude.  I pointed out that if she thought I was too old, it was a good thing my riding buddy wasn’t around as he would really be offended.  I told her he was 72 and this was his fourth motorcycle trip to Alaska, turns out that Nolan is actually 74, and I was having a tough time just keeping up with him.  This caused me to think a little.  Am I really too old to drive fifteen thousand miles on a bike and camp out for two to three months?  I don’t feel too old . . . no aches or pains.  My doctors say I’m in fine condition, but then if I’m really in fine condition why am I going to doctors to confirm this in the first place.  I guess I’ll make this a test and let everyone know how old I really appear to be when we get back in August.

Man, I’m not too old, “I have miles to go before I sleep”.




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