Preparations for leaving on our motorcycle trip to Alaska

0800 Hours, 26 May 2009.  This is our anticipated Liftoff for Alaska.  My riding buddy, Nolan Polley, and I plan on riding north to pick up the three remaining states that I haven’t been into (Iowa, Minnesota and Wisconsin) then on through Canada and up the Alcan into Alaska.  We’ll probably spend about a month cruising around Alaska as there is so much to see before heading home.  The trip will take from two to three months and we expect to cover about fifteen thousand miles.  We don’t really have a time table and won’t  have to spend twelve hour days in the saddle as I’ve had to do on other trips.  Although we’ve known each other about six years we’ve really never ridden too much together, so we went on a little shake down run two weeks ago to see how the equipment will work and how we will work together.  I’m on my ’99 Gold Wing pulling an Aspen Sentry popup camper and Nolan is on his ’03 Wing pulling a Bunkhouse.  We spent two days going to two different Florida parks, setting up and breaking down, just as we would on our trip.  We’ll fix our own breakfasts and lunches and I’m the cook for suppers, Nolan will clean up the dishes.  It was kind of scary that everything went as well as it did.  We had no problems with not having the right equipment, everything set up and brokedown as it should.  The meals were great and Nolan did a fine job of cleaning up . . .  even whistling while he worked.  I’m beginning to feel real good about this trip.  I wanted to make a trip log of this journey and had no idea (still don’t) how to do it.  My niece, Carol Wilson, said “no problem”, we’ll set you up with a web site, you just take a few pictures and write about what you see and feel. Yea, that’s easy to say until you have to sit down at the keyboard and acually come up with something to say, much less try to figure out how to make all this go over the internet.  I’ll need a lot of help.


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