Day 4: 29 May 2009

Day 4:  Left Wodtna SP about 7:30 AM CDT and arrived at Pikes Peak SP near McGregor, IA about 4:00 PM CDT, rode 317 miles.

Since we’re in bed by 9 or 9:30, pretty well worn out from riding all day, we’ve been waking up about 5 AM every morning and are generally ready to go by about 7 .  This morning we left a little later as I had some computer work that had to be done before I forgot everything.  As we were eating breakfast, about 8 Canada geese came flying into that little lake here at the campground.  Boy, did they ever make a racket with all that honking.  Just imagine what kind of racket there would be if there were hundreds or thousands of them.  After landing in the water they came out on land and walked right up to the folks that were feeding them yesterday evening.  Started out this morning without a cloud in the sky and we crossed our fingers hoping that it would continue throughout the day.  Crossed over into Iowa at 8:15 this morning and were really making great time on a very nice road.  Took me about an hour to realize the nice road we were on wasn’t the correct road.  That was no real problem though as we were able to take a small secondary road that brought us back to where we needed to be.  This road was a very local road and doubt many tourists ever got on it, so we go to see some things that most people didn’t get to see.  One of my favorite Ziggy cartoons shows Ziggy at a detour on the road of life and he says “what if our road in life does come up with detours and side trips that takes us off our projected paths, wouldn’t it be a terrible waste of time and life if we just let our selves be aggravated and frustrated rather than enjoy the ride?”  That may have not been exactly what Ziggy said but you get the idea.  Anyway,our ride today took us through rolling farmlands that you would think as typical of the Iowa countryside.  Most of the fields were still not plowed in and replanted with new corn.  We talked to a local fellow in Burlington and he said they have had so much rain that the farmers hadn’t  been able to plant much yet.  Traveled up through Davenport and Dubuque but the ride wasn’t too exciting.  Arrived here at Pike’s Peak SP with plenty of afternoon left.  This area was named by Zebulon Pike as he was scouting for a new fort in the area.  Yep, this is the same Zeb  that named Pikes Peak in Colorado.  He really did like to toss his name around.  These bluffs are about 500 ft high and overlook the confluence of the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers.  This shot looks over into Wisconsin and this one looks back into Iowa.  The views look off to the east into Wisconsin and are pretty dramatic. While enjoying the this a bunch of soldiers asked us to take their pictures and we asked then to return the favor.  I had to get a shot of this Shepherd, he looks just like my Jake, I still get a tear in my eye thinking of him.   I think I’m going to get up before sunrise to see if I an get some shots of the sun coming up in the east.  Had pork chops with orange picante sauce, sweet potatoes, green beans and apple sauce for supper.  Have no more food left, so will have to go shopping tomorrow.  We plan to stay just south of Duluth tomorrow evening.



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