Day 2: 27 May 2009

Day 2   left Macon, GA about 7 AM arrived at Canal Campground in Grand Rivers, KY about 5:39 PM CDT, rode 470 miles

Up and off pretty early this morn, started out a little rough with overcast, windy conditions then tapered right on down to terrible as the rains set in.  Seemed that as soon as we got into Georgia the rains really started up, rained most of last night and now today.  Reminded me of a song by Nat King Cole, “A rainy night in Georgia”, and rainy day and rainy night . . . I think you get the picture.  Rained so much that it caused my CB to quit working, so Nolan had to just ride along in silence.  It did clear up a bit as we came into Atlanta, thought we should be able to just shoot straight on through on I-75, bad move there as we crawled our way north.  Wound up actually coming to complete stops on several occasions, just glad the rain let up some then.  In spite of the rough weather we made quite a few miles as I wanted to get to this campground before they closed for the night.  When we came into Kentucky the rain lessened and when we arrived at the campground were able to set up in dry weather.  Had Santa Fe chicken, chicken pasta and lima beans for supper.  As you can see Nolan had a toast all ready for our first evening meal on the road  he said it was ready last night but didn’t feel it was appropriate to serve it in a BBQ joint.  After the meal Nolan went about his scullery duties and did a fine job of cleaning up.  Don’t know if I mentioned it but my job is to cook the meals and Nolan is to clean up afterwards, works for me.  We went a bunch of miles today in some pretty rough conditions, but it should be much easier tomorrow.  This campground is run by the Corp of Engineers and is really nice, very clean and everything is up to date.  Also, with the Golden Age Passport we got in for half price at $8.00 (or $4.00 each).  We try to get into these parks just using one site and of course only one fee, a lot of other parks won’t allow that.  Most of this area that we’re going through is what we already have seen and with all the rain today can’t take any pictures.  That will change tomorrow as we get into new territory.





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