Day 1 26 May 2009

Day 1 Left Merritt Island, FL stayed the night at a Motel 6 in Macon, GA.  Rode 424 miles

Well, seems that we were able to leave as planned at 8 AM.  Went by Mom’s to say goodbyes, then on to pick up Nolan.  Sandy and I went up I-95 from home to see how the trailer was behaving and it didn’t behave very well at all, need to change some weight around.  arrived at Nolan’s about 9 AM.  Took the obligatory pictures. This is how we look to start out, all cleaned up, our gear organized and ready to go.  We’ll take a picture upon our return in the same place and see if there’s any difference.  I did put two gallons of water in the gas can I carry to see if the additional weight would help.  As we took off it did seem to help out some but it took another two stops and continued adding of water before I finally filled it up and now the trailer appears to be quite stable.  Started to rain just before leaving Florida and had to stop at the Georgia Welcome Center to put on our foul weather gear.  The rain and wind was coming in quite hard along with some lightening so felt a short stay would be in order.  Turned out the stay was over an hour and according to the TV in the Center it was going to be with us all the way up I-75 to Macon.  We felt we weren’t getting anywhere just sitting around so off we went.  In the rain and the wind and more rain.  In fact it rained on us the whole way up to Macon.  We made our town but instead of camping out at Tobesofkee Rec Area, wound up staying a a Motel 6, at least we can dryout.  Really a pretty uneventful day and no pictures, maybe tomorrow will be a bit more dry.



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